Talks & Workshops

Over the past few years I've been asked to do more public talks and workshops. My favorite thing to hear from a participant is along the lines of "I picked this workshop because it seemed to have the least to do with my day job." Some workshop themes:

Welcome to the Internet of Things

at IASummit, UXWeek13

How can designers and strategists begin to grapple with the Internet of Things? What are the basics, and what's different about the near future? Exercises include bodystorming, prototyping, ethical inquiry into Skynet, and stickers.


Designing Work, Shaping Culture: Gamestorming

UXWeek12, Workbar Boston, private clients

We value design, and routinely judge our products and experiences on its merits. But we can easily overlook a large part of our lives in this regard- the design of work. Exercises focus on building a "work designer's toolkit" with simple techniques from Gamestorming to help groups generate, refine and select ideas, have fewer, better meetings, and intentionally shape culture.


UXLisbon, eLearning Guild, private clients

The languages we use shape our thinking and our work. Beyond words and numbers, fluency in a visual language can help us all make better sense of our increasingly interconnected, complex and non-linear world. Exercises focus on drawing and thinking, often simultaenously!