Surfacing Creepy

Taking a dark idea for a walk today. Let's call this the start of a dev diary for a new game.

Raw ingredients, the guts are in here somewheres:

  • The Watcher- Scrap of a card game I was noodling two years ago
  • Mechanics blending Clue, Werewolves (the dinner party game), Spanish prisoner
  • Elements from Nightlights, another game scrap 
  • Inspiration from conversation with my brother 2 years ago about how to make minesweeper terrifying
  • Desire to create a social game
  • Desire to experiment with creating "interesting moral choices" through games
  • The Uncanny Valley and these guys from Time Bandits:

Most of that will be boiled away in the process unless I allow myself to go all David Lynch on this one. Which could happen. 

Sketching comes next.