I am James Macanufo. I spend a lot of my time helping people see and understand things. Sometimes I make things, and this is where I keep track of those. Some toys, games and sketches of varying degree of finish. Not everything here will pass the "useful and important" test, but it's worth the tinkering to me.

I can usually be found facilitating, teaching or making in these contexts:
Visual ThinkingGamestorming and Information Design 

In 2011, my friend Stephanie Gioia introduced me to the concept of workmaps- a one-page sketch of what you've been doing and what you're interested in doing. She had picked it up from her time at IDEO and suggested we start doing them. Although I've since moved on from XPLANE and Dachis Group, this workmap still packs in a lot of where I've been and what I care about.